Lee's and Clark's and Al's and Eric's
Great Scottish Adventure 1997
The Gang
Stow Acres Country Club and Foxboro Country Club, Massachusetts
Millport Golf Club on the Isle of Cumbrae
Royal Dornoch Golf Club
Nairn Golf Club
Royal Troon Golf Club
Scotscraig Golf Club
The Old Course at St. Andrews
The New Course at St. Andrews
Carnoustie Golf Club
Golf Scotland who made the arrangements--Highly Recommended
From the time we left Atlanta in 9 days we 
  • Flew over 8000 miles
  • Walked over 65 miles
  • Drove over 1000 miles
  • Played 13 rounds of golf
  • Swung in anger over 1200 times
  • Drank over a gallon each of Highland malt
  • Tried to drink the Island dry and couldn't
  • Told the same stories over 100 times
  • Told them to all our friends again over and over
  • Laughed until our bellies hurt