Lee's and Clark's and Al's and Eric's
Great Adventure
Here's The Gang 
 Clark Hubbard This is Clark.  He sells computers and arranges golf outings.  He's actually pretty successful at both.  Inc Magazine honored him as having one of the fastest growing businesses last year.  His golf outings are pretty successful too.  But take a close look.  Its clear what he is really successful at, which is sharing Famous Grouse with his partners and telling tall tales. 
Al Sarnese This is Al.  He is Vice President of Operations for a rent-a-cop company.  He looks like a cop, doesn't he.  Just look at those eyes trained to look for evil under every rock.  He was involved with security at the Olympics until he told his boss (in front of a room full of his peers) to go f  himself.  After that, he had 6 months to work on his golf game in preparation for this trip. 
Eric Schaefer This is Eric.  He was our designated driver for most of the trip while Clark was our designated navigator.  Not that Eric didn't drink during the trip.  He was just the only one that was even close to being sober.  Eric adapted to Scottish golf better than the rest of us.  He managed win money every day. 

He is a VP for a major process control company based in New England.  He recently became a grandfather.  Congratulations Eric. 

Lee Bethune This is Lee.  He and Eric worked together at that major process control company until Lee was fired several years ago.  Lee now has his own sales and service company.  He tried his best to keep up with Clark and Al in the Famous Grouse competition but was just not successful. 
The Famous Grouse This fellow spent most of the trip with us.  

After we arrived home we all invited him into our homes and introduced him to many of our other friends.