Lee's and Clark's and Al's and Eric's
Great Adventure
Day Six at Carnoustie
This was our last full day in Scotland.  We played the Carnoustie Championship Course in the morning and the Burnside course in the afternoon.  More bunkers, more water. 

At lunch in the Carnoustie Club, we had the pleasure of watching the Americans get thoroughly demolished in the Ryder Cup. 

Al is putting with Lee encouraging him to get it close.  The caddie holding the flag is a retired Royal Marine who saw action in the Falklands and the Gulf War.  The other caddie was an assistant pro at Carnoustie. 

It didn't take them long to appreciate the quality of our play.  On the 16th hole they admitted they were betting on a game on "odds-evens".  The winner was determined by the total number of balls in the wee burn being even or odd.  They had great confidence in our skills.

The Gang