Lee's and Clark's and Al's and Eric's
Great Adventure
Day One and One-Half
Millport Golf Club CumbraeWe stopped at 4 golf courses in the Glasgow area looking for a club to play.  All had local club competitions on Saturday mornings and could not accomodate any walk-ons.  However, one of the locals pointed us towards Ayrshire, where we headed.

When we came into Lars, we happened on a tourist information booth.  The lady assured us we could play but "do you mind taking the ferry?"  Well of course not.  We jumped out of the van, put on our golf shoes, threw our bags over our shoulders and jumped on the ferry.  The Isle of Cumbrae was about a mile away.  There a school bus took us to the town of Millport.  A short taxi ride away and we were checking in the clubhouse.

We asked the pro if the course was 9 or 18 holes, since we could only see the first and last holes.  He assured us that there were indeed 18 and we could "follow the ladies" who were teeing off ahead of us.

Immediately behind the first green was the second tee box for a short par 3 hole, but we couldn't see another hole following.  When we finished two, we followed the ladies towards the third tee.  I looked up the mountain ahead and to the right coming up out of the firth and gulped.  I said to Clark and Eric, "do you see those things that look like sheep on the side of the mountain?"

"Why yes" they replied.  "Well, take another look because they ain't sheep, they're golfers and that's where we are going."

During the first nine, we made it up the side of the mountain to the north side of the Isle.  Spectacular view looking out on the firth and across to the main land.  The finishing holes go back towards the clubhouse and under the first nine.  On several holes, we were able to chat with the ladies as we waited for groups in front to finish.

We stopped in the clubhouse for refreshment.  We were able to have our first (of many) taste of the that great Scotish Whiskey.  The club captain (husband of one of the ladies) and serveral of his friends stopped at our table to chat.  Very hospitable and wanted to know how in the world did we find his course.  We related our trip so far and they all welcomed us and wished us well.

On to Dornoch