Lee's and Clark's and Al's and Eric's
Great Adventure
Day Four
We teed off at the appointed hour of 2:10.  None of us have ever been so thrilled or so nervous standing on a golf course.  We were on hallowed ground which had been walked by the immortals.  We all silently said the old fighter pilot's prayer, "please God, don't let me f...-up."  Our first shot was into a 50 mph gale, just what we had seen on video many times. 

This is a view from near the second tee.  It is looking back towards town with the R&A in the background on the left.  The good weather can be seen with the blue sky and puffy white clouds.  Life is good and the gods were looking after us this day. 

Eric is hitting on the famous road hole.  He is trying to hit over the St. Andrews Hotel barn.  If Seve can do it, Eric can do it.  We tried to explain that the hotel parking lot was not the target.  Eric didn't listen.
More Old Course