Lee's and Clark's and Al's and Eric's
Great Adventure
Day Three
We arrived at Sunny Brae Hotel from Dornoch in the late evening.  Fortunately, our host Ian was more than willing to serve us supper.  We had more Scotch in the parlor prior to dinner and had some delightful conversation with other guests. 

The shot on the left was taken in the morning after checkout prior to our playing Nairn Golf Club.  As usual, this shows Clark and Lee loading the van and waiting for Al and his six bags, one for each day. 

We played Nairn in the morning.  This picture is from the scorecard and taken in the spring with the gorse in full bloom. 

Great course with many holes on the water.  We had caddies this day.  An interesting bunch.  One the father of the 6 year running Scottish women's champion, another the father of a teaching professional who had moved to England.  Three of the four played to single digit handicaps.

After lunch and more varieties of whiskey, we headed for Troon, a 4 hour drive.  But we were able to make on stop at the Tomatin distillery.  Unfortunately, it was too late for the tour but they were more than happy to sell us a few bottles of whiskey.  Al and Lee managed to polish off one of the bottles before we reached Troon.  We left the driving to Eric and the navigating to Clark.
Off to Royal Troon